Chase Commercial – Serena Williams vs. Stephen Curry (Ping-Pong Match)

Serena Williams vs. Stephen Curry (Chase Commercial)

Serena Williams vs. Stephen Curry

Serena Williams and Stephen Curry face off in a ping-pong match in the latest commercial for Chase.

The spot introduces the two as the “Baby-faced Assassin” and “Mama Smash” and shows them playing with pathos, trying not to lose any point, as if they were battling for a gold medal. One thing is clear: they fight the “battle of the paddle” and you must decide whether you are #TeamStephen or #TeamSerena.

With regard to this match, the tennis legend said she’s feeling good going against “Steph”. “He has a baby face, but I’m the real assassin”, added Serena. The Golden State Warriors star, aware of the fact that Serena is “a big time competitor” and “a winner”, who “loves the big moment” and “the big stage”, asks her to “watch out” because he’s coming for her.

Stephen Curry, who led his team to the title last year and won the NBA MVP award, is a new endorsement star for Chase, which is not valid also for Serena, who stared in another Chase commercial, part of the bank’s “Mastery” campaign, promoting the Chase Mobile app.

Chase, which is the biggest US bank, with $2.4 trillion in assets, has a large sports sponsorship portfolio, including U.S. Open, World Squash Championships, PGA of America, various sports teams and arenas.

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