Captain Morgan Mule Rum Cocktail Commercial – Morgan Mule

Captain Morgan Mule

Captain Morgan Mule

The Morgan Mule makes a Morgan Mule Rum Cocktail in the latest commercial released by the brand of rum produced by alcohol conglomerate Diageo.

The 30-second spot features the Morgan Mule showing viewers how to make his favorite drink, the Morgan Mule. The problem is that he begins having hiccups, and the recipe begins to be quite hard to follow. “It’s just like a Moscow Mule, but with “ha” – excuse me. It’s just like a “iha”.. Nope, we’re doing great, you can’t miss.”, says the Morgan mule, starting all over again. “It’s just like a Moscow Mule, but with Captain – “iha” – Captain Morgan.

Just fill your glass with one part (here comes another hiccup), two parts (another hiccup) ginger ale, and squeeze a fresh… lime in there and.. ha.”, concludes the Morgan Mule as the spot comes to an end.

The brand gives you also the written recipe for the new Morgan Mule rum cocktail in case you missed it in the ad (which is 1 part Captain Morgan and 2 parts ginger ale) and “orders” you to drink responsibly. More cocktail recipes are available on the social media pages of the brand.

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