Cadillac XT5 Commercial Song

Cadillac XT5 Commercial

Cadillac XT5 Commercial

Cadillac has released a series of new commercial, featuring the XT5, the Escalade and the ATS.

“Why put another crossover on a road already filled with them? Why give it headlights like jewels, a body that feels sculpted? Why give it an interior where even the dash is cut and sown by hand?” – are the questions raised by the voiceover in the 30-second spot, featuring the new 2017 XT5 through a city.

The automobile brand highlights that the 2017 XT5, finding itself where elegance and versatility cross paths, with a generously sized interior filled with advanced features to help keep you safe and connected and exterior lines that make a striking statement, elevates your drive, no matter the destination.

The song used in the ad is “On Yr Side” by Slow Magic, which is part of the majestic brand based in Stuttgart, Germany, established in the year 2011 as one of the first audiovisual music blogs on YouTube, representing the best of electronic music, experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and many more.

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