Cadillac ATS Commercial Song

Cadillac Commercial Girl

Cadillac ATS Commercial

Cadillac has released a series of new commercial, featuring the XT5, the Escalade and the ATS.

“Why make something this stylish when all you need is performance? Why make it feel like a race car when you know
there’re speed limits. Why put so much purpose into something that seems built for play?” – asks the voiceover in the 30-second spot featuring a blonde young woman driving the 2017 ATS through a city. The answer is given by the voiceover himself: “It’s simple. You can build a car, or you can build a Cadillac”.

This compact luxury sedan, with its aerodynamic design, driver-centric interior, and race-inspired features, is, according to the automobile brand, built for dynamic drivers, “where the reality of the road meets the feeling of the track”. Cadillac ATS, with its available 3.6L V6 engine delivering 335-hp, is designed to deliver an exceptional drive every drive, making every journey feel special.

The spot, featuring the track “All We Need” by ODESZA feat. Shy Girls, ends with the brand’s tagline, “Dare greatly”.

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