Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial – Number 7

Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial

Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial

Buffalo Wild Wings has released a new commercial, celebrating its status as the “official hangout for NCAA March Madness”.

The 30-second spot, titled “Number 7” and created with the idea that “Some players are too good and sometimes you need those players to leave for a bit while your team catches up”, features two guys in a Buffalo Wild Wings dining restaurant who ask the waitress to bring them the basketball player with number 7 and see their wish come true in just a matter of seconds.

While the sportscaster announces that “number 7 was on the mile” and raises the question “why did they take him out of the game?”, viewers can see the player carrying the number 7 on his red Louisville Cardinals basketball jersey coming to the table of those two guys, and asking, after barely catching his breath, “Who are you, people?”. The two friends say their names, but this doesn’t make number 7 feel better. “It’s not happening”, he says to himself while heading out.

The spot ends with the waitress asking the two guys if they need more wings and with them saying they will get more wings. Eventually, the Buffalo Wild Wings logo appears.

NCAA basketball fans have known for years that Buffalo Wild Wings, with its hot wings and cold beverages, is the best place to catch all of the action during NCAA March Madness, which represents one of the dining restaurant and sports bar franchise busiest times of the year.

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