Brita Stream Commercial – Stephen Curry and King Bach

Brita Commercial - Stephen Curry

Brita Commercial – Stephen Curry

NBA superstar Stephen Curry and comedian King Bach star in a commercial celebrating the launch of the Brita Stream pitchers.

The 30-second spot features the two being roommates after Bach’s wish (who wanted a roommate who respects other people, someone who would take care of the place, someone who could refill the Brita) comes true and Curry becomes his roommate.

The extended music video shows King Bach performing an original song on a basketball court, while wearing a fur coat, with the following lyrics: “I wish Steph Curry was my roommate, I need him to move in before it’s too late.

Is there some way we could make this happen today”, sings King Bach, adding that he would also like to not worry about the Brita again. However, in the commercial, Bach reproaches to Curry that he never fills the Brita. The latter answers that it’s the new Brita Stream and that “you fill it as you pour”. The next scene features King Bach singing “What if Steph Curry was my roomate? My quality of life would be super great” and that he wouldn’t have to worry about Brita again.

In the background, several cheerleaders hold various Brita Stream pitchers, such as the Hydro Stream Pitcher and the Rapids Stream Pitcher, both available at $34.99. Curry is featured, as well, doing roommate things with Bach, showing off his dance moves, and saying to him “You’re welcome” at the end of the spot.

The New Brita Stream, launched with the tagline “Fills quickly. Pours immediately”, features Filter-As-You-Pour Technology, so you can have great tasting water when you want it. The brand’s range of products includes also water bottles, faucet filter systems, and replacement filters.

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