Breath Savers Protect Mints Commercial

Breath Savers Commercial

Breath Savers Commercial

Hershey’s has released a new commercial, advising you to let Breath Savers Protect mints do all the work when you’re at work. Well, this is not an invitation for you to not do your job, it’s just a way to emphasize that these mints handle everything in your mouth, from fighting against bad breath to protecting your teeth.

The 15-second spot features a young man at the office, watching his reflection in a stappler to see how the Breath
Savers Protect mints neutralize the black acids in his mouth. A co-worker gets closer and looks into his mouth. “I can’t see anything”, he says while scrutinizing his oral cavity. “Because it’s working so hard.”, comes the answer of the guy benefiting from the Breath Savers Protect mints’ effect.

At this point, a female co-worker, seeing the two men so close to each other, asks them what they are doing.

“Karen, we’re neutralizing”, replies the older man, still keeping his head near his colleague’s mouth. “Yeah, maybe I wanna neutralize. You ever think of that?”, she asks with a little bit of envy in his voice.

The Breath Savers Protect refreshing mints, made of over 98% xylitol, are clinically proven to neutralize bad breath and help protect teeth. They can be found at nearly all major retailers where traditional breath mints are sold, from mass retailers, to drug stores, grocery stores and convenience stores.

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