Best Buy Commercial Song – Sonos App

Best Buy Commercial Girl

Best Buy Commercial

Best Buy explains how Sonos app is working in a 20-second spot, featuring a couple that uses this app.

“With my Sonos app I can find any song I want fast and send it to any room, without ever leaving the couch.” – says the guy, seated on the couch in his living room, while his girlfriend is in the kitchen. “We’ve got all our favorites in one place, mines, hers, ours.”, he adds, and, as the ad continues, we see the woman joining him in the living room, with two glasses of wine. The track playing in the background is “Tell Me” by S, from her 2004 album “Cool Choices”.

Sonos is a wireless home sound system which enables you to listen high-quality audio in every room of your home. With the dedicated app, you can search across all of your music services and files simultaneously and then play what you want to listen with a single tap. You can make playlists from different streaming services and your personal library, and edit them on the fly. You can play different songs in different rooms, at different volumes, or you can choose “group all” to play the same song in the entire home.

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