AT&T Dentist Commercial – Gumbel & Finnerty

AT&T Dentist Commercial

AT&T Dentist Commercial

AT&T’s March Madness ad campaign continues at the dentist. The company invites you to get DIRECTV for $25 a month in a new commercial starring sportscaster Greg Gumbel and actor/comedian Dan Finnerty.

The 30-second spot features the duo showing up in a dentist’s practice and Finnerty singing to a kid’s mother – as always to the tune of Aerosmith’s 1998 single “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” – as follows: “Your kid’s GOT cavities, but you have no idea if your bracket’s ok and you don’t wanna miss a thing.” Gumbel, showing her a NCAA basketball game on a LG smartphone, informs her that with DIRECTV from AT&T she can stream all her live NCAA March Madness games on her devices. At this point, Finnerty ends his original song in a very “optimistic” note: “Well, his teeth fall out anyway”.

The ad ends with the voiceover inviting you to get DIRECTV for $25 a month when you have the new AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan. AT&T March Madness campaign celebrates the company’s status of proud partner of NCAA March Madness and the users’ ability to watch games on-the-go and in distinct locations.

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