AT&T Camping Commercial – Guy Camping Outside Store

AT&T Commercial - Camping

AT&T Commercial – Camping

AT&T has released a new commercial, highlighting that its customers get priority pre-sale access to concert tickets and more at the company’s website.

The 30-second spot, titled “Camping”, features people camping outside a store, waiting for the tickets to be put on sale the day after, and a young couple, dressed as if they were going on a camping trip, too, passing by on the sidewalk.

“Oh, you guys are a little late to be lining up for tickets”, tells them the guy sitting in front of the store on a camping seat, putting his hand in front of them, as if he intended to stop them “stealing” the spot in the queue.
“No, we already got ours”, answers the woman, showing her smartphone.
“Yeah, we are AT&T customers, so we got access to the presale”, adds her boyfriend.
“Where are you going?”, asks them the guy, who then learns that the couple actually go camping.
“Like outdoor nature camping?”, asks the guy, willing to be sure.
“Yep”, confirm the couple.
“Watch out for cougars”, advises them instead of simply saying “bye”.
“Will do, thanks”, answers the guy going camping and then turning around to keep going.
After the couple’s departure, the guy waiting in front of the store stands up to throw what’s left in his tin cup, saying “the outdoor kind, they’re the kind that just…break your heart”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying that the AT&T customers get priority pre-sale access to concert tickets and more at The company mentions that the AT&T wireless, TV and internet customers only are eligible and that this deal, subjected to additional terms, fees, charges and restrictions, limits the number of tickets to 6, while supplies last.

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