Asda TV Advert – Mother’s Day Lunch

Asda TV Advert

Asda TV Advert

Asda invites you to share more love this Mother’s Day with Asda by creating the perfect lunch with the
delicious and simple to prepare Roast in the Bag Chicken.

The 30-second advert released by the British supermarket chain features a dad who prepared the lunch for
Mother’s Day consisting in a Roast in the Bag Chicken and now his only worry is whether it will pass the
kids taste test.

“So Dad, talk me through your process”, says the boy.
“Well, I pierced the bag and then I put it in the oven”, reveals his father.
“Really tender”, concludes the girl after tasting the chicken, adding then the much awaited feedback: “Yes,
it’s as good as mum’s”.
“I agree, well done, dad”, says the boy.
When their dad celebrates his accomplishment with a loud “Yes”, the boy adds:
“Whoah! I’m just a kid, mum’s the real critic”.

The spot ends with Asda’s price offer on the Extra Tasty Whole Chicken in a Bag and a bottle of Prosecco (both
at £5).

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