Arby’s Big City Sandwiches Commercial

Arby's Big City Sandwiches

Arby’s Big City Sandwiches

Arby’s has released a new commercial, featuring the new Big City Sandwiches.

“Sometimes, a sandwich is part of who you are, and not just because you ate it and it’s in there now”, says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, titled “Who You Are”. “Sometimes, a sandwich represents what you believe in, where you come from, and if you call one of these sandwiches home, come to Arby’s for a taste of home.” – adds the voiceover, giving an “alternative”: “And if you don’t, come to Arby’s and have a taste of someone else’s home”.

The ad, showcasing the Fire-Roasted Phily, the New York Double Stack Reuben and the new Chicago-Style Beef Dip,
ends with the voiceover saying “Arby’s Big City Sandwiches” and the quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant chain’s tagline, “We have the meats”.

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