Apple iPad Pro Commercial

Apple iPad Pro Commercial

Apple continues the campaign promoting its iPad Pro and some of its most important features, with a series of new
15-second ads.

The three spots present the new iPad Pro as the solution to real problems expressed by people on social media, highlighting that it is “light and powerful”, that it can hold “all your school stuff” so you can study just about anywhere, and that its battery lasts all day long.

“My laptop weights five million tons.” – is one of the issues expressed through a tweet by Adriana, who then is informed by the voiceover that “an iPad Pro only weights about a pound and in runs hard-working apps like Excel and PowerPoint.”.

“Oh, that’s great news”, answers Adriana, who then asks for a little help as she’s knocked down by the heavy post she was holding.

“I can get any work done in my dorm room ” – is another issue, expressed by young student Tal, annoyed by her roommate, who is making out with her boyfriend. The voiceover invites her to get out of there, mentioning that an iPad Pro can hold her textbooks and notes so she can study just about anywhere.

“Laptop died halfway through the flight…” – is the third issues, expressed by a woman on a plane, not delighted about the long night ahead. The voiceover says that the battery on iPad Pro stays charged all day, making travels a lot less painful.

All the three commercials end with the onscreen line “iPad Pro” and with Apple’s logo.

This campaign started a month ago and revealed, through similar short spots, that iPad Pro is actually faster than most laptops, having an LTE like your phone and a touchscreen you can write on. It doesn’t get PC viruses, you can get Internet with it pretty much everywhere thanks to its LTE, you can download Microsoft Word on it, it allows you get better notes (even by recording them), and to sign papers with Apple Pencil so that you wouldn’t have to print anymore.

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