Amazon Echo Commercial – Reggie Miller Eating Burger

Amazon Echo Commercial

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has released a series of new commercials, starring Reggie Miller, celebrating its status of official partner of the NCAA.

The American retired professional basketball player who played his entire 18-year National Basketball Association
career with the Indiana Pacers does a lot of things with Amazon Echo, from coming clean, to turning up, showing some hustle, and looking alive out there.

The 15-second spot titled “Reggie comes clean thanks to Amazon Echo” features Miller on the couch, staining his shirt while eating a burger. “Got excessive ketchup? Resulting a possible stain”, says a referee showing up behind Miller.

The latter finds immediately a solution: he asks Alexa to order a stain remover. “Order placed”, communicates

The referee has something to add – a piece of advice on how to clean the shirt: “two washes, wring it, hang it outside”.

The spot ends with Amazon Echo’s logo and the onscreen line “Official partner of the NCAA”.

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