AFL Commercial 2017 – Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth AFL Commercial

Chris Hemsworth

AFL marked the AFL season launch with a new “I’d Like To See That” commercial starring Chris Hemsworth.

The 60-second spot, created in collaboration with creative agency Cummins and Partners, features the Australian actor pitching a film titled “AFL – The Movie” to a table of Hollywood bosses. “Down and out and missing their fearless leader those brave underdogs found victory. But now it’s 2017, new season, new battle”, says Hemsworth, who continues with a question to raise suspense: “Will the Doggies go on to victory or will another team rise up and steal their crown? Nobody knows”. He then adds that “the Bulldogs have a secret weapon: The Bont”, referring to the Western Bulldogs star Marcus Bontempelli, whom he imitates, showing off his football skills. After causing some damage in the room, he asks the executive for a feedback. “It seems a little bit fantastical”, says one of them, which makes Hemsworth counter by saying that “it’s a modern day epic”.

The spot ends with the same executive saying “I’d Like To See That” afer watching some scenes from a Western Bulldogs game on TV.

With reference to Hemsworth’s new “job”, on Thursday, Marcus Bontempelli posted the following message on Twitter, highlighting that the Thor actor was a good choice to portray him given their “uncanny” resemblance.

“I heard chrishemsworth wants to play me in a movie, makes perfect sense as the resemblance is uncanny” – wrote the player.

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