2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Commercial

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi Motors has released a new commercial, introducing the all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, unveiled at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, and coming early 2018.

The spot, titled “Encounters”, starts with a ballerina practicing and saying “I want to stretch myself in new directions”, and continues with a painter saying “A step ahead, that’s where I want to be”. “Satisfaction is not in my vocabulary”, says a photographer while sitting on the top of a building. The next scene features a woman in a red silky dress saying “The search for a new me begins”, while looking at the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. She gets on at the steering wheel and speeds up an empty street, revealing – through her dance moves – that she is the ballerina shown at the beginning of the spot. “I seek a new canvas for my creativity”, says the painter, this time from the steering wheel of the new car, driving through a tunnel and using Google Maps to get to the destination. “I’m looking for moments to share”, says the photographer, who’s also driving the Eclipse Cross, leaving the city to go skydiving and to get back in the city.

The spot ends with the three artists meeting in an outdoor vertical parking lot, at night.

The Japanese automaker highlights that this revolutionary vehicle, featuring stylish coupe lines which blend seamlessly with the athletic movement of a crossover, is bound for “infinite possibilities”, for “unexpected inspiration”, and for “undiscovered pleasures”.

The Eclipse Cross is fitted with the Smartphone Link Display Audio system, which supports Apple CarPlay, enabling the driver to get directions optimized for traffic conditions, make and receive calls, access text messages, and listen to music, all in a way that allows him to stay focused on the road, Android Auto, which provides voice controlled operation of Google Maps, Google Play, music and other apps, a Touchpad Controller and Head Up Display which allow the driver to handle and interpret different types of information more easily and safely.

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