2018 Lexus LC Commercial – Lane Valet

2018 Lexus LC Commercial

2018 Lexus LC Commercial

Lexus has released a new commercial, introducing the 2018 Lexus LC, featuring Lane Valet, a breakthrough innovation that every driver will appreciate as it promises to make highways safer, vehicles more efficient and even other drivers better.

“While performance and design can move you, what if innovation could move them?”, asks the voiceover in the
45-second spot, referring to drivers occupying the second lane on the highway without any intention to leave it even though they are travelling at a slow rate of speed, causing inconvenience to other drivers, in this case a young man driving a Lexus with Lane Valet.

“Imagine a world with Lane Valet, a semi-autonomous technology that can connect to the vehicles obstructing the flow of traffic and do the driver the courtesy of moving their vehicle for them”, continues the voiceover, adding “making the highways safer for everyone”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to “experience visionary thinking at full speed” and adding the
brand’s tagline, “Experience amazing”.

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