Yves Saint Laurent Commercial Song 2017 – La Nuit de l’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent Commercial - La Nuit de l'Homme

Yves Saint Laurent Commercial – La Nuit de l’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent has released a new commercial, promoting the La Nuit de l’Homme fragrance.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the spot features Vinnie Woolston, the face of both the L’Homme and La Nuit de L’Homme fragrances, highlighting that this fragrance empowers him to be whatever he wants to be: a fearless leader by day, a seducer by night, charismatic, rippling with energy, masculine and unmistakably handsome.

Wollston embodies the unconstrained side of the modern man, who roams the city, acts on impulse and chases the night, encountering new challenges behind every door.

The soundtrack music is an original song titled “Ghost City” by Thomas Azier.

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