Western Governors University Owls Commercial – Air Quotes

WGU Owls Commercial

Western Governors University has released a new commercial, highlighting the positive reviews made by important

The 30-second spot features two owls, one of them introducing herself as the WGU’s “official spokesowl”, and another one sitting on a pile of books, that saying some seemingly random words.

“As the official spokesowl for WGU I do a lot of speaking, but I also do a lot of reading. For instance, I read Wire Washington Monthly called WGU one of the most revolutionary institutions in higher education”, says the spokesowl.
“Fact”, says the other owl.
“And Forbes magazine said WGU is more focused on student learning that almost any other university”, adds the
“Also fact”, says the other owl.
“What are you doing”, asks the spokesowl to her fellow.
“Air quotes”, answers the other one.
The spot ends with the voiceover saying “online, non-profit and surprisingly affordable, WGU is a new kind of you”.