Walmart UFO Commercial – The Gift by Antoine Fuqua

Walmart Commercial - Aliens

Walmart Commercial – Aliens

Walmart has challenged Hollywood directors Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster and filmmaking partners Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg to each make a one-minute commercial based on the six items of a single Walmart receipt, to air
during the Oscars, on Sunday, February 26, on ABC.

The short film directed by Antoine Fuqua, titled “The Gift”, starts with the receipt including those six items, namely 1 lbs of bananas, batteries, paper towels, a scooter, wrapping paper, and video baby monitor, and continues with a young boy who gets home in a hurry, collects all these things from inside his house and garage, puts them in a backpack and goes in a nearby forest, where an UFO shows up in the air. The kid puts the items in a basket with colored balloons and waits for the visitors to pick it up, which it happens.

“It’s working”, he’s whispering to himself as the backet goes up to the spaceship. He gets lifted a little bit, as well, but when the spaceship doors get closed, he falls down to the ground. After a few moments, the doors open again and lots of smiley faces get out, in response to the boy’s gift.

The film ends with the boy jumping up with joy.

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