Walmart The Receipt Oscars Commercial 2017 – Bananas Town

Walmart Bananas Commercial

Walmart Bananas Commercial

Walmart has challenged Hollywood directors Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster and filmmaking partners Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg to each make a one-minute commercial based on the six items of a single Walmart receipt, to air during the Oscars, on Sunday, February 26, on ABC.

The short film directed by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg, titled “Bananas Town”, is first set in a middle school classroom, with the teacher presenting the kids new assignment: “Finding inspiration in unusual places”.

“Inspiration can be found anywhere if you really look for it and that’s today’s assignment: Create something from nothing”, says the teacher, while a girl is looking at a Walmart receipt with 6 items on it, including 1 lbs of bananas, batteries, paper towels, a scooter, wrapping paper, and video baby monitor. The quiet athmosphere changes
when the girl stands up and begins singing, with a rapper voice, “1 lbs bananas”, and her classmates start dancing
along. The classroom wall then disappears, introducing viewers in a 1970’s hair salon, with men wearing red striped
vests, matched with red bowties, entering on child’s scooters and singing “Scooter”. A painting on the wall
displaying three ballerinas turns into a real trio of ballerinas dancing and singing “Paper Towels”. A family in their living room sing “wrapping paper”, a crew of dancers on stage sing “Baby monitor”, and a singer in a restaurant, holding a battery in her hand, sings “batteries”.

The spot ends with all these persons coming all together, dancing and singing all at once the item “assigned”
to each of them, until the teacher and his pupils appear again in the spotlight. “Get to work”, says the teacher.

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