Walmart Kids and Robots Oscars Commercial 2017 – Lost & Found by Marc Forster

Walmart Oscars Commercial

Walmart Oscars Commercial

Walmart has challenged Hollywood directors Antoine Fuqua, Marc Forster and filmmaking partners Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg to each make a one-minute commercial based on the six items of a single Walmart receipt, to air during the Oscars, on Sunday, February 26, on ABC.

The short film directed by Marc Forster, titled “Lost & Found”, is set in a seemingly post-apocalyptic world, where a group of kids lives among robots, and starts with a Walmart receipt with the six items on it (namely 1 lbs of bananas, batteries, paper towels, a scooter, wrapping paper, and video baby monitor) blown away by the wind. A young boy on a child’s scooter passes by a small robot and steals its bananas, then wraps a tree with paper towel and, later on, finds a gift on the beach: a quite big box wrapped up in wrapping paper, inside of which he uncovers a video baby monitor. After a few seconds, the device turns off and, realizing that its batteries ran out of energy, the kid goes “home”, which is improvised near the ruins of an old building, where he and a few peers collected objects necessary for living and not only. One of the girls takes out batteries from a robot and then they all can see a little baby girl on the monitor.

Her cute smile makes all the kids there to smile and enjoy the evening.

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