Volkswagen Golf Commercial Song 2017 – Dog Skipping Song

Volkswagen Golf Dog Commercial

Volkswagen Golf Dog Commercial

Volkswagen has released a new commercial, featuring the new Golf with Optional Control Gesture, which lets you control a wide range of functions with the swipe of your hand.

The 40-second spot shows a man cleaning his metallic kurkuma yellow Golf and singing along with classical music in his playlist, drawing the attention of all those around him: his neighbor, who’s cutting the hedge, a teenage boy, who passes by riding a bike, and his dog, who decides to take action so that he wouldn’t sing anymore. Thus, the pet gets in the car  while his owner is at the trunk and skips to the next songs in the playlist, stopping at “Unstoppable” by Corleone.

Described as “more versatile than almost any other car”, the new Golf is setting a new milestone for the next generation, with numerous individualization options allowing you to create your own personal Golf. The model features newly designed headlights and bumpers, intelligent driver assistance systems, optional adaptive cruise control and Front Assist area monitoring system.

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