Vauxhall Corsa TV Advert 2017 – WiFi

Vauxhall Corsa TV Advert 2017

Vauxhall Corsa TV Advert 2017

Vauxhall has released a new advert, inviting you to stay connected wherever you go with the Corsa’s in-built 4G WIFI.

The 30-second spot features two teenagers, a boy and a girl, in a Corsa, during an evening date. To avoid a moment of awkward silence, the boy tells the girl she can use WiFi if she wants and confirms, when the latter asks surprised if the car has WiFi, that it “has lots”. She asks then for the password, and he says “corsa2017”. At this point, three peers from a car parked nearby shout that it’s with capital C and start laughing.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying “Vauxhall Corsa, with 4G WiFi. Always gets a great reception”.

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