Turkish Airlines Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman - Turkish Airlines Commercial

Morgan Freeman – Turkish Airlines Commercial

Turkish Airlines has released its Super Bowl commercial, starring Morgan Freeman.

The 45-second spot features the 79-year-old American actor on a plane, surrounded by multiple versions of him, depicting how Turkish Airlines bridges worlds and differences.

“There are those of us who like to venture to the unexplored, those of us who go out there with a sense of.. wonder. Bridging worlds, finding delight in our differences. If you are one of us and you want to explore more of this great planet, we are ready to take you there”, says Freeman.

The next scene features him on the same plane seat, but in different places of the world, such as wide a green field, on the top of a mountain, and on a frozen lake.

“It’s time”, says from the middle of nature, adding “Widen your world”, which is the airline’s tagline. The spot ends with the airline’s logo and tagline.

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