Toyota New Zealand Commercial 2017 – Possums in a Tree

Toyota New Zealand Commercial 2017 - Possums

Toyota New Zealand Commercial 2017 – Possums

Toyota New Zealand has released a new commercial, celebrating its 29th anniversary with an amazing deal: 2.9% finance on the entire new car range and 3 years servicing, warranty, and AA road service.

The 15-second spot features two computer-generated fat lorises in a tree nearby Toyota’s headquarters, looking at a huge red ribbon holding the message “NZ’s Favourite for 29 years”.
“Wow, 29 years of Toyota at the top”, says one of them.
“Maybe we should make a toast”, suggests his fellow.
“Ok. What do you want on yours?”, asks the first one, curiously.
“Celebrate…”, he starts.
The phrase is continued by the voiceover, as follows: “29 years as New Zealand’s favourite with 2.9% finance on any new vehicle plus 3 years servicing and warranty”.
The spot features three of the models subject to the deal, Corolla Sedan GLX, GT86, and Land Cruiser Prado VX Diesel, which can be purchased at very convenient prices on this occasion. The above mentioned benefits are valid if you make a purchase until March 31.

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