Toyota C-HR Commercial 2017 – Milla Jovovich

Toyota C-HR Commercial 2017 - Milla Jovovich

Toyota C-HR Commercial 2017 – Milla Jovovich

Toyota has released a new commercial, celebrating the launch of the C-HR, with Milla Jovovich in the spotlight alongside the new model.

The spot, titled “The Night That Flows”, captures the Toyota C-HR’s interpretation of flow through the performance of the Resident Evil actress, who tells a story “all about flow”. “Are you listening? It starts with a door. Like all doors, it can transfer you from one space to another. Only this door is inside of you. This door will open, but in the end you will have to walk through it”, starts Milla the story, describing then the flow. “Flow is total involvement and enjoyment. When the designer finds the perfect balance of form and function, and everything just fits. Flow tells you to take your chance. So when the wheel spins, you just know the chance is on your side. When the DJ drops the beat, you lose yourself in its movement and moment. Flow can give you that sense of motion, even at a stand-still. When the door opens, a light comes on and extraordinary things can happen”, adds the actress, revealing that her friends have shown her that, “when a door opens, you should walk through it”.

Viewers get to see in the ad images from the unique one-night event organized by the car manufacturer, that created the world’s first drive through immersive theatre experience. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy an artistic and experiential journey, designed to showcase the dynamic character of the new Toyota C-HR, thanks to various shows of light and sound, projections, Milla’s voice in the background, fashion runaway, gambling, Mannequin Challenge and others.

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