Tesco TV Advert 2017 – Tesco Food Love Stories

Tesco TV Advert 2017

Tesco TV Advert 2017

Tesco has released a new episode in its “Food Love Stories”, inviting you to watch how easy it is to rustle up a romantic meal for two.

The 30-second spot, titled “Jimmy’s Steak for Two”, features teenager Jimmy at Tesco buying meat and then in the kitchen, preparing a steak for dinner. He reveals that both him and his father love steak, especially with garlic, and mentions that tonight he won’t use garlic. There is a date in the schedule, but, if you are tempted to think that it is him to meet up with his girlfriend, you are wrong. It’s the dad the one having a date. After hearing the doorbell ring, Jimmy calls his father, letting him know “she’s here”, and then (here comes the twist) he gets out on the back door, leaving the couple to spend the evening alone.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying “Food Love Storied”, brought to you by Tesco, and with the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Every little helps”.

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