Sprint Commercial 2017 – Man Pushing His Car Into an Abyss

Sprint Commercial 2017

Sprint has released a new commercial, featuring a man who tries to fake his own death by pushing his car, with a mannequin in it, into an abyss, to get out of his Verizon contract.

Created with the idea that Verizon’s expensive bills are enough to drive anyone over the edge, the 45-second spot, titled “Car”, features the man, who is together with his daughter and his little son, on the edge of a chasm. He pushes his car down into the chasm and then tells his kids that “daddy’s dead”. At this point, Paul, a Sprint customer, shows up, approaching the Verizon’s customer.
“Let me guess, faking your own death to get out of your Verizon contract?”, asks Paul.
“That’s why you destroyed the car?”, asks the girl quite shocked.
“Ya”, comes her father’s reply as if there wouldn’t have been any other option.
“Ain’t that illegal?”, asks the boy.
“What are you, a cop, now?”, asks back his father trying to defend himself.
“You could’ve just switch to Sprint”, intervenes Paul, adding that “their network reliability is within 1% of Verizon and they save you 50% on most of Verizon rates”.

The spot ends with the car exploding in the abyss and with the voiceover asking you to not let a 1% difference cost you twice as much.