Snickers The News Commercial 2017 – Presenters Saying Aaaaaa

Snickers News Commercial - Metro 72 News

Snickers News Commercial – Metro 72 News

Snickers has launched a new ad campaign, with the tagline Snickers Satisfies, to hightlight that Snickers satisfies your hunger.

The first 30-second spot, titled “The News” and created with the idea that you’re sleepy when you’re hungry, features the Metro News at 6, with the two news presenters, the sports presenter and the weather presenter saying nothing but “AAAAAAAA”.

When the filming angle changes and shows the prompter, viewers get to see that on it there are no news or information about the weather, but only a long list of “AAAAAAAAA”. And the guilty one is the guy responsible for displaying the text, who’s fallen asleep with his hand on the keyboard.

The ad ends with the onscreen line “You’re sleepy when you’re hungry” and with the voiceover saying that “Snicker Satisfies”.

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