Serta Mattresses Sheep Commercial 2017

Serta Mattresses Sheep Commercial

Serta Mattresses Sheep Commercial

Serta Mattresses has released a new commercial, highlighting how you can save on Perfect Sleeper this Presidents Day.

The 30-second spot features a couple in their bed, before going to sleep, with several sheep waiting for the two lovers to count them.
“Ready to count?”, asks one of the sheep.
“You didn’t get our text?”, asks the woman.
“Text?”, asks the lead sheep surprised.
The next moment, she starts reading the text message received from the couple: “Got a new Serta Perfect
Sleeper. Helps solve five common sleep problems. Don’t need to count you anymore”.
“Delete it”, says another sheep after hearing the entire text.
“I got a better idea”, answers the lead sheep, sending a short text message to the couple.
After reading it, the man says “Real mature, guys”, but the sheep laugh in response.

The spot ends with the voiceover inviting you to save big during our Model Year End Clearance and to visit the brand’s website.

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