Revlon Gwen Stefani Commercial – Choose Love

Revlon Commercial - Gwen Stefani

Revlon Commercial – Gwen Stefani

Revlon has released a new ad campaign, titled Choose Love, starring Gwen Stefani, Alejandra and Ciara talking about love.

Gwen Stefani’s love manifesto, revealed by the singer herself, involves choice, truth and an empowering message for all people. “I think there definitely is a choice when it comes to love. I definitely know that I’ve had choices in the last couple of years of my life and I chose to make something good out of something bad. That’s what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to choose love, we’re supposed to turn things around and I think that if you do that the blessings and the rewards are beyond what you could ever imagine. I think when you fall in love there’s a confidence and empowering feeling that comes out of you because it’s hard to describe it, but it’s quite magical. I think the one thing I learned about love is that love truly is giving and being able to receive, but in an honest way, like a pure way. It’s all about truth and it’s all about reality”, says Gwen Stefani. “So I learned a lot about that on my journey so far and I honestly believe that, if you don’t have truth, you really don’t have much”, she concludes.

Gwen confesses she doesn’t like giving advice on love, but she reveals, from her own past recent experience, that “definitely making a decision in your mind to choose love and to choose positivity and to choose victory, even when things seem like there’s no way it can happen, it can happen”.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “You hold the power #ChooseLove” and with a female voiceover singing the brand’s tagline, “Love is on”.

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