Quaker Heart Talks Commercial 2017 – Girl Talking to Family’s Huge Dog

Quaker Heart Talks Commercial

Quaker Heart Talks Commercial

This is the National Heart Health Month and Quaker has released a new commercial, with the hashtag #HeartTalks, inviting you to join the brand in its effort to raise awareness for heart health.

The 30-second spot features a little girl telling Bella, the family’s dog, that they need to have a heart talk. “This is very important”, says the kid, patting the dog, and mentioning that “heart disease is the number one cause of death for mommies”. In the meantime, her mother listens to her conversation with the pet and gets to hear that her daughter worries about her “heart checks, which can be different from daddy’s”.

As the spot comes to its end, viewers get to see that the girl had this “heart talk” with Bella because her father told her to, in order to highlight how important this issue is and determine his wife to make the necessary periodic checks.

“Ok, she’s gone”, says the little girl to her dad, who stayed hidden near her bed.
“Good job”, he praises her acting performance, going then to play with her.
The voiceover invites you, eventually, to “have a heart talk with someone you love” and to go to Quaker’s website to learn more.

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