PooPourri Complicated Lingerie Commercial 2017

PooPourri Commercial - Complicated Lingerie

PooPourri Commercial – Complicated Lingerie

People are willing to try a lot of things to save their relationships, from faking interest in each others’ hobbies, spicing things up, getting a puppy, and more… But for most of us, they don’t work. What does work is Poo~Pourri – this is the idea behind the latest ad campaign launched by the brand of toilet deodorizers, titled SaveYourRelationshits and containing a series of 15-second spots, that show you how you can save your relationships.

The “Complicated Lingerie” commercial features a young woman in her bathroom, looking at some camiknickers and trying to figure out what thy cover and how they should be put on. “Sexy mamma’s coming your way”, says the girl, while still having problems with the respective lingerie.

“Wearing complicated lingerie to save your relationship? Doesn’t work. What does work? Poo~Pourri. The one for number two”, states the brand’s image at the end of the spot.

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