PooPourri Commercial 2017 – Man on the Couch

PooPourri Commercial - Couch Surprise

PooPourri Commercial – Couch Surprise

People are willing to try a lot of things to save their relationships, from faking interest in each others’ hobbies, spicing things up, getting a puppy, and more… But for most of us, they don’t work. What does work is Poo~Pourri – this is the idea behind the latest ad campaign launched by the brand of toilet deodorizers, titled SaveYourRelationshits and containing a series of 15-second spots, that show you how you can save your relationships.

The “Couch Surprise” commercial features a young woman returning home and announcing her partner, before entering, that she has a surprise for him. He, laid on the couch almost completely naked, answers that he’s got a surprise, as well. She then enters the living room, mentioning that she’s brought her mom. Seeing her boyfriend in the nude, who throws himself behind the couch seeing his (future) mother-in-law, she can’t help but utter a strong cry.
“Waiting at home in the nude to save your relationship? Doesn’t work. What does work? Poo~Pourri. The one for number two”, states the brand’s image at the end of the spot.

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