PooPourri Commercial 2017 – Getting a Puppy

PouPourri Commercial - Getting a Puppy

PouPourri Commercial – Getting a Puppy

People are willing to try a lot of things to save their relationships, from faking interest in each others’ hobbies, spicing things up, getting a puppy, and more… But for most of us, they don’t work. What does work is Poo~Pourri – this is the idea behind the latest ad campaign launched by the brand of toilet deodorizers, titled SaveYourRelationshits and containing a series of 15-second spots, that show you how you can save your relationships.

The “Getting a Puppy” commercial, written and directed by Nicole Story, features a young man (Billy Mann) bringing home a puppy and telling his girlfriend (Courtney Lain) that he’s got it for her. Unfortunately for him, she is not very happy about it because the dog takes a pee on the kitchen table, where she’s preparing a snack. “To potty train?”, she asks.

“Getting her a puppy to save your relationship? Doesn’t work. What does work? Poo~Pourri. The one for number two”, states the Poo~Pourri girl, Bethany Woodruff, at the end of the spot.

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