Persil ProClean Commercial 2017 – 10 Dimensions (Peter Hermann)

Persil Commercial 2017 - Peter Hermann

Persil Commercial 2017 – Peter Hermann

Persil aired its 30-second Super Bowl commercial, with The Professional (Peter Hermann) and Bill Nye, promoting Persil ProClean, with PRO10 formula.

The spot, titled “Science of Clean: 10 Dimensions”, starts with Nye, playing a science guy, in a lab trying to find a formula, but ending up with another dirty lab coat. At this point, The Professional shows up with a bottle of Persil ProClean in his hands, informing the first one that “Persil’s new and improved formula delivers 10 dimensions of clean: looks clean, feels clean, smells clean” and proves it by cleaning perfectly the stained lab coat.
“And that science guy is 10 dimensions of clean”, he adds after taking out the coat from the washing machine and looking at it.
“10 dimensions? Like parallel dimensions?!”, asks Nye, who immediately receives a confirmation from The Professional, who multiply himself into nine other Professionals (holding Persil ProClean in their hands), adding “Only cleaner”.
The ad ends with the tagline “It’s not just clean, it’s ProClean”.

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