Paddy Power Advert Song 2017 – The Coach Driver

Paddy Power TV Advert 2017 - The Coach Driver

Paddy Power TV Advert 2017 – The Coach Driver

Paddy Power’s You Beauty! campaign continues with a new advert, featuring a coach driver who sings about his job.

The 30-second musical spot, created by Lucky Generals and directed by Randy Krallman, stars the coach driver performing an original cover of the 4 Non Blondes 1992 single “What’s Up?” (better known as “What’s Going On?”), while he’s on the road, getting the passengers to the destination.

“4AM and I’m far from thrill”, starts the driver his song, revealing that he’s taking the filled bus downtown. He then mentions the things he dislikes and the way he feels watching them (“I have to stop many times so that they can get fat, then they let it all out behind the hatch, and I’m.. I’m feeling a little peculiar”). Arrived at the destination (Paddy Power Park), he has a coffee while waiting outside, and “a little bet”, instead, to forget the drive.
He also sings that he can’t see what’s going now from where he stands, but “that’s OK”, he’s got money on.
The advert ends with one of his passengers, who got down to “let it all out behind the hatch” and didn’t get the chance to get on the bus after that, arriving at Paddy Power Park with a taxi and telling him, while passing by, “C’mon, man, look at the size of me”.

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