Old Spice Hydro Wash Body Wash Commercial 2017 – Bob Giovanni and Von Miller

Old Spice Hydro Wash Body Wash Commercial 2017

Old Spice Hydro Wash Body Wash Commercial 2017

Old Spice has released a new commercial, promoting the new Hydro Wash body wash.

The 45-second spot features the legendary Old Spice pitchman Bob Giovanni (played by Steven Ogg, the actor who played Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V) sitting on a beach chair, in the desert, with a cocktail in his hand, next to another beach chair, “hosting” a skeleton with a hat. “Hi, I’m Bob Giovanni. Is it dry out here or is it just me? I’m joking, of course. We’re here with a live studio audience in Death Valley, California”, says Giovanni, with his sunglasses on. He takes them off, revealing his white skin around his eyes, and adds: “This may very well be the driest place on Earth”. At this point, Von Miller, playing the role of NFL superstar and aspiring infomercial personality Van Mueller, intervenes, saying “That’s right, Bob. We’re gonna need some serious hydration after this one”. “You know it, Van. And boy do I have just the thing for us”, answers Bob Giovanni, now shirtless, next to a TV displaying three bottles of Hydro Wash.

“Introducing Hydro Wash from the Old Spice hardest-working collection”, says the voiceover, mentioning that “Hydro Wash provides lasting scent and supercharged hydration. Its proprietary dual stream process keeps moisturizers and cleansers separate, so you get both rich lather and powerful hydration”. In the meantime, viewers get to see Giovanni showering and using Hydro Wash.

The spot ends with Von Miller saying “Simply unbelievable Bob” and “What are you waiting for? Get yours today?”.

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