Old Navy Girls Night Amy Schumer Commercial 2017 – 50% Off All Jeans

Old Navy Girls Night Commercial - Amy Schumer

Old Navy Girls Night Commercial – Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer stars in a new commercial for Old Navy, promoting the 50% off all jeans deal, available from February 21 toMarch 1.

The 30-second spot, titled “Girls Night”, features the American actress meeting up with her friends in a bar. Seeing them all wearing colorful jeans, while she’s wearing a black dress, she can’t help asking “When did colorful jeans become the hot trend that none of my friends told me about?”. One of the girls says they got them from Old Navy, which makes Amy outraged. “You went to Old Navy without me?”, she asks trying to contain her rage. When an “Yeah” comes in response, she doesn’t hesitate to give them a feedback. “You are the worst….” – she starts saying, but she immediately rectifies, seeing an Old Navy bag with a brand new pair of colorful jeans bought especially for her. “Best friends one could ever want”, she says eventually with excitement, willing to put them on.

One of her friends mentions that all jeans, including the Rockstar jeans she’s wearing, are 50% off, but Amy is still under the jeans “spell”. “They are so soft”, she exclaims after touching her face and then decides to put those “bad boys” on right there.
“I do it all the time here. They know me”, she explains to the girl informing her that the bathroom is really close.

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