Nissan BladeGlider Margot Robbie Advert 2017

Margot Robbie - Nissan Commercial

Margot Robbie – Nissan Commercial

Nissan UK has released a new advert, unveiling the new ambassador for Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Mobility, actress Margot Robbie.

The spot features the Suicide Squad 26-year-old star at the steering wheel of the new 100% electric BladeGlider sportscar, engaging in a race, on the Monaco Street Circuit, with the second BladeGlider in the world (yes, so far, there are only two of them).

“Who says pure electric can’t mean pure excitement?” – is the question raised at the beginning of the ad, which highlights, though, that it shows stunts performed by professionals on closed roads and invites you to not try to recreate them.
“So here it is, the Nissan BladeGlider”, says a man to Margot, as she gets closer to the car, revealing that it is 100% electric and that it goes from 0 to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds. Enthusiastic, the actress rides through the Casino Square, pushes buttons that she’s not supposed to (the drift mode), passes through the Fairmont Hairpin, through the Monte Carlo tunnel, Massenet and, then, finishing the race, says it was “fun” and leaves.

The spot, highlighting Nissan’s commitment to a zero emissions future, ends with the company’s tagline, “Innovation that excites”.

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