Nationwide Commercial 2017 – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Nationwide Commercial - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Nationwide Commercial – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Nationwide has launched a new ad campaign, with a series of commercials starring NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and revealing the different sides of him, such as the Boss Man Dale, Animal Whisperer Dale, and Water Cooler Dale.

The 30-second spot titled “The Whisperer”, features the professional race car driver revealing that he is also a animal lover. Walking around with two dogs (a small one, which he holds in his hand, and a large one, that walks), Dale adds that he is a whisperer for his animals. He tries to show viewers his skills by asking the large dog to sit, but the latter does not listen. Actually, none of the pets listen to him, running away when they’re asked to sit.

He then tries to show off his whispering skills with two cows, that he calls “girls”, by asking them to speak up. One of the bovines listens to him and lows, making Dale’s ego grow a little bit: “As you can see, we’re making some progress here”.

Dale Jr. has been a Nationwide customer for more than two decades, and recently he added pet insurance to the list of products he relies on from Nationwide, adding it to his portfolio of auto, property and commercial insurance.

The business relationship between Nationwide and Dale Earnhardt Jr. grew into a sponsorship deal in 2015, when the latter signed a three-year partnership.

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