McDonald’s McCafé Advert Song 2017 – People in coffee shops

McDonald's McCafé TV Advert

McDonald’s McCafé TV Advert

McDonald’s UK invites you to discover a world of irrezistible flavours created with great-tasting ingredients at McCafé.

The 60-second spot features several not-too-pleasant situations people find themselves in on the coffee market, such as receiving a tiny tiny cup, or different recipients, with boiled water, coffee and milk, to make the coffee on their own, coffee shops opening at 11AM, coffee served in a jar with a straw, coffee bars with a wide range of Italian coffees and not only, with weird WiFi password, such as “Fly high with your dreams”, coffee shops where a simple coffee costs £9.

Luckily, there is McDonald’s and McCafé, where everything is simple and, more importantly, there is a great-tasting coffee. You are invited to discover the chain’s exciting range of delicious beverages and indulgent treats, full of those little somethings that help brighten your day.

The song used in the advert is “Madness” by the Jamaican singer-songwriter Prince Buster, who died in September

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