LG G6 Commercial 2017 – Big

LG G6 Commercial - Big

LG G6 Commercial – Big

LG has launched a new ad campaign, with a series of teasers revealing some of the most important features of the brand-new smartphone LG G6.

One of the spots, titled “Square”, informs users that they will be able to shoot, check and upload on Instagram right away with the LG G6. The “Meaning of Tears” 8-second spot, featuring a young woman crying, but not because she’s sad, but because she’s being proposed by her boyfriend during a night date on a terrace, reveals that wider captures will be available, as well, to preserve precious moments accurately. Other two spots asks users if they are ready to enjoy the new display, which is big, judging by the latest ad, titled “Life with Big”, featuring persons dealing with big in their everyday life, such as a big backpack in a crowded elevator, a young girl sharing the couch with her big dog, a young boy riding a big bicycle, a guy coming over in a coffee shop, to join his colleagues with his big laptop that occupies the whole small table, a man trying to eat a big cheeseburger, and a young woman who needs to hold her cup of coffee in her teeth in order to write a text message on her big smartphone. “Are you okay with a big size phone?”, is the question raised in the 30-second spot, the only one longer.

The flagship smartphone for 2017 of the South Korean multinational corporation, described as “the smoothest smartphone ever”, will be launched on February 26, at the Mobile World Congress. The launch event, taking place at Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona, Spain, will be available for live streaming from 12pm. The release date is rumored for April 7 and the price around $600.

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