Levi’s Commercial Song 2017 – Pool Party

Levi's Commercial - Pool Party

Levi’s Commercial – Pool Party

Levi’s has released a new commercial, shining a playful light on people’s phone obsession, even at parties, and what can happen when we look up and live in the moment.

The 60-second spot, titled “Sea of Blue”, features a rooftop pool party where a young girl gets bored with all around her looking into their smartphones. Things soon change when a quite handsome and seemingly lonely guy sees her from the distance and decides to give her a call “by hand”. He doesn’t have a phone, but makes the gesture of dialing a number on his hand, and he’s quite lucky, as well. She indulges him and gets her virtual phone from the back pocket of her Levi’s black jeans to answer the call. After a short conversation, the two get close to each other, she removes her Levi’s denim jacket and they throw themselves into the pool to make out.

The spot ends with the brand’s tagline, “Live in Levi’s”.
The song used in the ad is the 2016 single “Nothin’ Like This” of the rock band The Phantoms, from its “Take the World, Vol. 2 – EP” album.

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