letgo Hospital Commercial 2017 – Surgeon with Ab Belt

letgo Hospital Commercial

letgo Hospital Commercial

“We’re all holding onto stuff we don’t need. It’s time to let go” – this is the message the latest letgo commercials carry.

The 30-second “Hospital” spot highlights that letgo app lets you sell and buy virtually anything quickly, easily and locally, even when you have to perform a surgery.

The ad features a surgeon in the surgery room not being able to perform a cut because his hands are trembling. Seeing him in this state, his assistant suggests that he should let go of the ab belt. As the filming angle widens, viewers get to see that he is wearing an ab belt that makes him tremble. “They said I can use while I work”, justifies the surgeon him wearing it. “Why don’t we sell it on letgo?”, asks the assistant, who explains how this works: “Just take a picture and post it”.

The next second, a man all bandaged up with cast, on a crutch, knocks on the room’s window, saying that he’ll take it.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “it’s time to snap, post, chat, and sell. It’s time to let go”.

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