Kia Super Bowl Commercial Song 2017 – Melissa McCarthy Eco-warrior

Kia Super Bowl Commercial 2017 - Melissa McCarthy

Kia Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Melissa McCarthy

Kia has released the full Super Bowl ad, starring Melissa McCarthy.

The 70-second spot features the 46-year-old American actress and comedian as she sets off on a mission to save the planet, every time someone calls her. First, she tries to save the whales (because she loves whales), but the motorboat she’s in gets hit by one and she is catapulted into a watercraft. She then tries to save trees, but as she’s sitting in a high tree, hugging it, a man comes and cuts it with a ripsaw and she falls into a chasm. When she learns that the ice caps are in trouble, she takes her Kia Niro and goes to do something. Unfortunately for her, the poster she sticks into a glacier with the message “Save the ice caps” makes it crack right under her feet, causing her to fall.

Her mission involves also saving the rhinos. But this endeavor ends, like all the others, badly for her. It’s not easy to be an eco-warrior, and she learns that the hard way. “But it’s easy to drive like one”, says the voiceover, introducing the 2017 Kia Niro, the most fuel-efficient crossover.

The ad features Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 song “Holding Out For A Hero”, recorded for the soundtrack to the Footloose movie, and later included on her 1986 album “Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire”.

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