Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns Commercial

Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns

Jimmy Dean Stuffed Hash Browns

Jimmy Dean has released a new commercial, introducing the Stuffed Hash Browns, described as “delicious”, “crispy”, and “breakthrough”.

“Can a morning be more than just another morning? Can a hash brown be more than just a hash brown?” – asks the
voiceover in the 30-second spot. “They can and they will” – comes the answer from the voiceover, who then introduces the brand’s Hash Browns, “stuffed full of meat and cheese, and goodness”, which “will define crispiness that makes this the next ultra-delicious breakthrough that could change everything before anything has actually even begun”.

“It’s hash browns”, says the voiceover at the end, while on the screen the taglines “This is a day changer” and “Shine on” appear.

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