Hyundai i30 Robots Figthing Commercial 2017 – Hearts of Steel

Hyundai i30 Commercial - Jedi Robots

Hyundai i30 Commercial – Jedi Robots

Hyundai has released a new commercial, introducing the all-new Hyundai i30.

The 60-second spot, titled “Hearts of Steel”, and created with the idea that, while some look for a great personality and good looks, others just want a body made from ultra-high strength steel, features two robots working on the i30, that start a battle near the assembly line. From pushing, they get to a Star Wars-like fighting, using lightsabers to confront and defeat the “enemy”, to have the final say on the car’s features.
Eventually, a Hyundai i30 shows up in its final form, making the robots applause.

The New Generation i30, offering efficient and dynamic powertrains, with state-of-the art safety and connectivity
features, launches on 1st March, with prices starting from £16,995.

The song used in the ad has the following lyrics: “I’m never gonna let you go, I don’t wanna lose the magic, cause it’s magic”.

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