Hula Hoops Advert 2017 – Bank Robbery

Hula Hoops Bank Robbery Advert

Hula Hoops Bank Robbery Advert

“When it comes to the crunch, it has to be Hula Hoops” – this is the tagline of the latest TV ad released by the brand.

The 30-second spot features a bank teller at West Heath Bank enjoying a packet of Hula Hoops when an armed man,
wearing pantyhose on his face, asks her to give him all the money. The woman says she’s sorry and, raising her hands from below the desk, says she’s got her hands full. At this point, viewers get to see that she has a a Hula Hoop on every finger (for those who don’t know, Hula Hoops are crisps made out of potatoes in the shape of short, hollow cylinders). The next moment, she eats one of the crisps and then pushes the alarm button. The bank is surrounded in an instant by several police cars, that give no chance to escape to the robber.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying that “when it comes to the crunch, it has to be Hula Hoops”.

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